Google Adsense Warning

By | April 20, 2015

My Google Adsense stats have been going crazy for the past 24 hours. I am making 2-10 times as much money as usual for some of my sites, while other sites have stayed the same. I did some research into this, and the reason is due to unusually high click through rates, which seem to be from click fraud. Many other webmasters are reporting the same thing. So, don’t get excited and think you are suddenly getting rich. Google will probably adjust the stats once they figure out the problem. See details at:!category-topic/adsense/TgicQyuFsmM

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9 thoughts on “Google Adsense Warning

  1. Gary B

    thought i was the only one

    u report it to the gOOgZ?

  2. Gary B

    Thanks for the link! You take banners off your site?

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      I make $150/day from Adsense, so I don’t want to take the banners down.

      1. Gary B

        gotchas. ok,..thanks for your insight. have a great day!

  3. Carlos

    Don’t woory, they will not shut down you. It’s running the first strike against the fraudolent domain parking system (if I remeber well it is called “Enjoy the CPC explosion inside Google”. Domain investors have been removing million and millions of domains from parking since 2th April and they will continue until the strike will be declared closed. They are simply trying a way to maintain the same revenue…

  4. Michael

    Same thing here haha on my site I have a lot of clicks coming from ru-ru, ru , what is that Russia?

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