By | January 24, 2012

I launched a new site today at, to help motivate people to do random acts of kindness. I was inspired when I saw the “Kindness Boomerang” video by the charity Life Vest Inside on James Altucher’s blog, and remembered around 5 years ago that I had bought the domain (I think for $1250) for a project, but never ended up creating the site. So, I decided now was a good time to put the domain to use.

It is interesting how something as inconsequential as watching a video on someone’s blog can lead to a whole new website being created, which in turn will hopefully inspire thousands of other people. That is why I love the Internet. I can get an idea in my head and then within hours have a fully functional website up and running for it.

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8 thoughts on “

  1. Michael Cyger

    The site looks very nice, Eric. This seems to me like the type of website someone would promote on facebook or twitter. Have you thought about putting “tweet this quote” or “post this quote to facebook” on your pages, which would then add a link to your website and drive more viral-type traffic to it?

  2. Daniel

    Make the videos on individual pages as I would happily share the life vest video on my FB wall but all videos are on one page.

    1. admin Post author

      Good idea, I will have the changed on the site tomorrow.

    2. admin Post author

      I made that change now, so each video has its own page.

  3. Francois

    My kind act this morning will be to ensure your blog’s post make our daily newsletter today.

    Great inspirational site!

  4. TopDomainDeal

    Great site and I was touched by “Life vest” Video.
    Well done!

  5. Bill McClure

    Eric, great site. There are some many people who show true kindness. Any little push helps remind us. Thank you. Bill Mac

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