2012 – A Year of Failures

As 2012 draws to a close, I though I would list how each of my business ventures did in 2012: The Bad Things of 2012: * I setup a bunch of new sites, but none of them have made any money: BigCelebrities.com – Social media rankings for over 15,000 celebrities using a proprietary formula that… Read More »

Domain Names I Sold – 2012

It is now halfway through the year, so I figured it would be a good time to post a list of domains that I sold so far in 2012: FishingAddict.com – $6250 HireDesigners.com – $2500 MagicSpell.com – $4950 PixPlus.com – $6250 BestAmmo.com – $200 OceanSpring.com – $1,000 ComedyHour.com – $2,000 DreamChamber.com – $400 FightFire.com –… Read More »


I launched a new site today at KindActs.com, to help motivate people to do random acts of kindness. I was inspired when I saw the “Kindness Boomerang” video by the charity Life Vest Inside on James Altucher’s blog, and remembered around 5 years ago that I had bought the domain KindActs.com (I think for $1250)… Read More »

Big Domain Purchases – Part 2

Earlier this year I bought some big domain names (such as Physical.com – see my blog posting about it) to develop into websites, even though I already have 5,000 other domains I have not developed yet. As with many of the things I do online, this was an experiment to see if I could make… Read More »

Domain Names I Recently Sold – September 2011

Below is a list of some of the domain names that I sold in the past 9 months: WebStartups.com – $5,000 CouponJunkies.com – $4,000 BestFirearms.com – $500 GetEngaged.com – $7,000 Zabber.com – $500 Winloot.com – $1,000 Venturefund.com – $5,000 Quicktrades.com – $2,000 HugoBooks.com – $500 Findgifts.net – $1,100 Buygifts.net – $1,100 Birdwatchers.net – $1,500 4RentalCars.com… Read More »

Interviews and Publicity – Do They Bring Fame and Fortune?

I was recently interviewed about my domain name business, and although doing any interview is always exciting, what made this one different is that it was my first video interview. You can view it at DomainSherpa. This was my first time ever using Skype or any video chat type software, and I have only ever… Read More »

My 9000 Domains – Part 2

In a previous posting, I pondered What To Do With My 9000 Domain Names?. It has been 6 months since I wrote that, so I though I would give my readers an update: 1. Yesterday I sold a package of 4000 of my domains for $1.3 million. These domains were all parked (i had no… Read More »

What Domain Should I Use For My TV Site?

One of the goals of my blog is to give people an inside look at how an Internet business is run. So, here’s a business decision I am currently facing: I’m planning to build a site similar to SocialGuide.com, which is a site where people discuss TV shows (chatter.usanetwork.com is another example of a site… Read More »

The Website Content Controversy

Google’s recent changes to their search rankings (see details here) to reduce spammy content (mainly from “content farms”) has led to a lot of talk about the importance of having good, unique content. It got me thinking about the topic of adding new content to my own sites. The reason I bring this up is… Read More »

Domain Names I Recently Sold – January 2011

Here are some domain names I sold in the past 4 months: WebFlings.com – $5,000 OnlineInvoices.com – $1,000 BigCasinos.com – $1,000 GamerLife.com – $1,500 BrigantineBeach.net – $400 HealthDeals.com – $4500 FinancialSpot.com – $1000 GoodCoupons.com – $4000 BeerDeals.com – $1500 4Software.com – $2000 4Bets.com – $1,000 4StudentLoans.com – $2,000 4Slots.com – $1,000 4PetSupplies.com – $1,000 4Blackjack.com… Read More »

SantaBot.com is coming to town

In two of my previous postings, I wrote about my attempts to create viral videos: http://www.impulsecorp.com/viral-videos-the-story-of-pimp-my-sleigh and http://www.impulsecorp.com/viral-videos-part-2. Mainly, I tried making holiday music videos such as Pimp My Sleigh, and although they were popular, I never made any money from them. So, unlike with holiday videos, it is interesting that one of my holiday… Read More »

What To Do With My 9000 Domain Names?

I own several hundred domains that have real websites on them, such as Dumb.com, Adoptme.com, and CheapFlowers.com, but for over 10 years I have also had around 9000 domain names that are basically just sitting there doing nothing. I have no plans to create sites on them, I just hold them in the hopes of… Read More »

Big Domain Development – Part 3 (WatchMovies.com)

In one of my earlier blog postings I talked about how I converted WatchMovies.com from a parked domain to a site with some content on it, so it would start getting search engine traffic. But, at that time, it was still a simple site, and I did not really host any of my own content… Read More »

New Website Projects – September 2010

In one of my previous postings, I gave away 11 new business ideas that I had thought of, because there is little chance I will ever get them launched myself. In this posting, I am going to list some of the Internet projects that I actually am working on: A site where you upload your… Read More »

Domain Names I Recently Sold – August 2010 Update

Here are some domain names I recently sold: BuyBirdhouses.com – $5,000 SkinWrinkles.com – $5,000 DatingService.net – $7,000 CheapFlightsNow.com – $1,000 GetGlasses.com – $4,000 Thugsta.com – $750 LivePayments.com – $1,000 Audioaddicts.com – $750 Wecare4u.com – $500 AdsByOwner.com – $250 Babeshows.com – $3,500 FindBabyNames.com – $1,250 WebsiteNews.com – $300 SexyFashions.com – $1,500 GotoBermuda.com – $10,000 NutritionWatch.com –… Read More »

The Death of the Publishing Industry?

In the past few years there has been a lot of talk about how newspapers and magazines are being replaced by online content, and that print media will soon be a dead industry. While it is true that the game is changing, and not many of the changes are good for the big publishers, keep… Read More »

How To Get Rich Online – Book Epilogue

A few weeks ago I posted the introduction to my book. Below is the epilogue (the end part) for the book: How To Get Rich Online =================== What’s Next? While other teenagers were playing video games and watching sports, I was reading the Wall Street Journal, buying penny stock IPOs, and thinking of inventions. While… Read More »