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My Paperless Life

For several years I have been meaning to write a blog posting about how great it was to go from a messy stack of papers on my desk to a having paperless office. But, I have now moved on to even loftier goals. This is the year I began leading a paperless life. All my […]

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Impulse Communication’s mission is to create profitable online businesses and improve existing ones through both traditional and innovative marketing methods.

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Domain Flipping

I rarely buy domain names anymore, but recently I bought for $6901 at a auction. I bought it because I thought it was cheap and would do well in Google if I built a mini-site on it (Game Theory is the mathe[...]

Web Hosting Sucks

I have been running websites since 1995, and I can easily say the biggest headache I have had over the years is web hosting. For the first few years I used shared webhosting (for small sites), but eventually my sites got big enoug[...]

Fake Passwords

I have a webmaster secret that I will reveal here for the first time. As far as I know, I am the only webmaster to have ever done this. Here it is: Almost everybody has used a site where you get a username and password, but you pr[...]

How I Bought A Flower Store

One of my crazier business ventures was buying a florist even though I had never owned a store before, never worked in a store before, and knew nothing about flowers. On top of that, I bought the store through a business broker ov[...]

The Story of

In the late 1990s, virtual currency sites such as and were all the rage, where they offered alternative payment systems for consumers to use on ecommerce sites instead of paying with a credit card. At th[...]

Business Books

Since I started my business in 1995 I have read very few books, maybe 3 or 4 at most. Instead I constantly read business magazines, online blogs and news websites. There is so much info out there to digest it is hard to keep up. B[...]

How A Domain Sale Works

You might be wondering how I sell a domain name. Most of the time, the buyer looks me up as the owner of the domain (using a service like and then emails me an offer. At least 1/2 the time they ask me to call them[...]

Are Website Makeovers Worth It?

Many people will probably disagree with what I am about to say, but I think people place too much value on giving a website a makeover. Obviously it is always good to improve a site, but people tell me all the time that if I do th[...] – My Human Powered Search Engine

I have owned the domain name for many years, and have tried creating various search engines on it, but none of them have ever made any money. I know it is hard to compete with Google and Yahoo, but search engines are [...]

The Psychology of a Multi-Million Dollar Sale (

In January 2008 I sold and 170 related sites for $4.5 million. This represented over half of my company (I still have 200+ smaller sites and 9000 domain names), and the vast majority of my profits. was easy to [...]

How to Get Rich Online

Because I run my own Internet company, I often get asked the best way to make money online. Oddly enough, I have no good answer for that question. I was able to be successful mostly because I got in on the ground floor (back in 19[...]

Big Domain Name Development

I have heard that some domain owners make a lot of money by taking one big domain, putting lots of content on it, and optimizing it to get listed well in the search engines. A few years ago I decided to try this with 3 domains: Ai[...]

Domain Name Development

I own over 9500 domains (see my list at, and only around 500 of them are developed. The rest are parked, where I make money from ads/links on them. But, the problem is that these type of domains don’t get l[...]

Free Web Hosting Sites

Free Web Hosting Sites Over the years I have bought several free web hosting sites, where users can create and host their own websites at no cost. It was initially appealing to to think I can put ads on all the sites that webmaste[...]

Free Image Hosting Sites

I bought several image hosting sites 3 or 4 years ago, but I eventually ended up selling them for less than I paid. It is a huge hassle to run them. I was constantly having hacking problems and server overload problems, and I also[...]

Making Money With Domain Name Parking

I own around 9,500 domain names, and 9,000 of them are parked (unused) and the other 500 I use for real sites (like Domain parking is a way to make money from any unused domains that you own. The way it works is[...]

Partnerships – Part 2

In my previous posting I talked about the partnership I was involved in to sell Adoptme plush toys. The toy company went out of business, and I ended up losing the $37,000 I had invested plus I paid another $25,000 to buy the Adop[...]


The subject today is partnerships. I have been involved in 3 partnerships (,, and over my 13 year Internet career, and none of them have ever worked out very well. I’ll start by talking [...]


In my previous posting, I wrote about Virtual PO Boxes. Another similar handy service I use for my own business is a lockbox, which is something my bank offers. It is basically a PO Box I use just for checks that are mailed to me,[...]

Virtual PO Box

I was looking to get a PO Box for one of my businesses, and I found an even better service that might interest anybody with a home business. A PO Box works well, but if you move later in life then you need to deal with changing yo[...]

How I Invented A Product and Got It Sold In Stores

In 2001 I created a virtual pet site at, where kids can adopt free virtual pets (dogs, cats, horses, fish, etc.) and learn the responsibilities of pet ownership by feeding, walking and taking care of their pets. It qui[...]

Working From Home

No matter how big my company gets, I will never work in an office. I love working from home. No commute, no dressing up, no meetings. I started my company 13 years ago in my apartment in Boston, but after a few years it got to the[...]


Hi, I would like to introduce myself. I am Eric, the owner Impulse communications, Inc. I run several hundred websites such as,, and and also own over 9,000 domain names such as, W[...]

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