The Power of Blogging

By | November 1, 2012

When you put yourself out there by having a blog, you never know what will happen. You may get some negative comments, but once in a while, it can turn into something wonderful when your words touch the lives of others. If this is the reason as to why you want to start blogging, in the meantime while you think about content that you want to post, you could also use this time to use services that companies such as socialfollow offer to boost your social following.

The Rockstar Ronan blog is a perfect example. Maya Thompson started the blog two years ago to chronicle her young son Ronan’s battle with cancer. Even after he passed away Maya kept blogging, with the goal of bringing attention to the cause, using social media to promote awareness while managing their social media using something like this Upleap instagram manager. One of her blog’s devoted readers happened to be country/pop star Taylor Swift, who invited Maya to one of her concerts and the two had an emotional backstage talk. Then one day out of the blue Taylor called Maya and said she wrote a song about Ronan and was going to perform it for the first time on the nationally televised Stand Up 2 Cancer benefit.

The song “Ronan” was seen by millions of people on September 7th 2012 and became number one on the iTunes chart, with all proceeds going towards cancer research. The video from the performance (shown above) became an Internet sensation bringing a huge new audience to Maya’s blog.

In particular I recommend the following pages from her blog:
Taylor Swift Calls Maya
The Day Before Ronan Dies
The Day Ronan Died
Maya’s Reaction to the Stand Up 2 Cancer Concert

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Blogging

  1. Poor Uncle

    I listen to the song and read one of the blogger’s post. Sorry, but all I notice was her cursing. He was a beautiful child.

  2. Bill

    Poor Uncle – If that’s all you noticed then you are truly stupid.

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