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By | March 5, 2010

Most viral videos are just a one time thing for the person who created it, and much of the time going viral was not something they expected to happen or planned in advance. It is interesting to note that OK Go, as a virtually unknown band 4 years ago, created one of the most popular viral videos ever in an attempt to get their music heard. They did an amazing dance routine on moving treadmills to their song ‘Here It Goes Again”. Even though the song was not a radio hit, it is estimated their video was seen online over 60 million times, plus it received huge TV and newspaper exposure. In case you have not seen it, you can watch the video by clicking the button below:

The video is not edited, although it did take them 15-20 takes to get one good one. They filmed it as the lead singer’s sister’s house, and bought 8 used treadmills for the shoot and then sold them back to the fitness store when they were done.

What I find most interesting is that this year OK Go has another amazing music video that is also becoming a viral sensation. This is even more impressive since that as with their last music video, the song is not a radio hit. For this new video, OK Go had around 60 people from Synn Labs spend over a month creating a Rube Goldberg machine (a complex chain reaction type device that performs simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways) for them, and the video was shot in only one take. Here’s their music video for “This Too Shall Pass”:

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4 thoughts on “Viral Videos – OK Go

  1. andrew

    That was unreal. I like how they also included a TV with the treadmill scene from the last video

  2. t

    I like the song, nice rhythm. I also like your sharing options 🙂

  3. Johan

    That is pure awesomeness! I had actually missed the new one, very impressive video!

  4. Johan

    That is pure awesomeness! I had actually missed the new video, really impressive!

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