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What Domain Should I Use For My TV Site?

One of the goals of my blog is to give people an inside look at how an Internet business is run. So, here’s a business decision I am currently facing:
I’m planning to build a site similar to, which is a site where people discuss TV shows ( is another example of a site like that), mostly in realtime when the show in on the air. recently received $1.5 million in funding. My site won’t be as fancy, and won’t involve any funding, but I happen to already be working on technology similar to for my site, so I figured it couldn’t hurt for me to setup a site like this.

My dilemma is which domain I should use for it. I already own these TV domains (I am not currently using any of them):

Or, I can buy a domain, such as: – $2,488 ( is also for sale for $45,000, but I don’t want to spend that much) -$2,159 – $4,188 – $18,000 $2,588

Keep in mind that just like with, if my site does well, I might come out with iPhone/Android/Blackberry apps for it, so the domain needs to be appropriate for those also. I am happy to spend money on a good domain, if it is a better fit then one of mine.

What decision should I make?

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30 Responses to “What Domain Should I Use For My TV Site?”

  1. 1
    Richard says: sounds like a good idea.

  2. 2
    Leonard Britt says:

    Since your site will discuss TV programming and will likely have photos or video clips, I would suggest a .TV domain. You will likely get a higher-quality keyword domain at a lower price. Perhaps or etc.

  3. 3
    Michael says:

    Hey Man ,

    Those are the best names top 3 in my opinion :)

  4. 4
    Michael says: rocks go for it Eric

  5. 5
    Adam says: : If you are a TV “lover”, you need help. : Too long… and passive construction. : Static — and not very sticky. : Losing brand-strength to TotalTV, but decent. : Makes more sense with poor n. – $2,488 : So general (to use TV, must watch) it isn’t interesting as a name. -$2,159 : Interesting as a name, but don’t they lock maniacs up? Just saying… – $4,188 : Blah. – $18,000 : Hot tamale. This domain is the top dog in the bunch. Worth more than the asking price IMO. Makes sense, is immediately familiar, short, and speaks clearly and effectively to the casual user as well as the maniac and/or lover. If you are looking to have a site that takes off (at least in part because of the strong name and associated branding power), spend the money on this. $2,588 : Experts are being called into question.

    Good luck with your enterprise!

    • 5.1
      admin says:

      I actually like, but without also having (the plural version) I would worry. I agree, is by far the best. The issue is I may only make $100/month from this site, so it would take 20+ years just to pay for the domain. On the other hand, having a killer domain like that could make it into a big site, and I would make a lot more money. That is the dilemma. is a good domain, but has a hint of being erotic or a dating site or something like that.

  6. 6 - High End Domains says:

    I like tvlovers or hotshows, none of for sale worth buying at these range prices IMO
    Why don’t you wait for the SEDO .TV auction coming soon?
    anding with .tv can be interesting too with something like,….

  7. 7
    article writing says: is the hottest in the list, but is quite expensive. So, the next hot is, easy to remember, brandable and says what it needs to…….

  8. 8
    morgan says:

    hit me up!

    • 8.1
      admin says:

      That is a good domain, but if I were to buy one like that, I would want the plural version (

  9. 9
    morgan says:

    yeah – I can see that.. would be nice to have both of course.

    TV Opinions sounds more descriptive of the social activity happening on the site but for some reason I like the singular as a brand … sounds more active to me

  10. 10
    RH says:

    I do think that having a name focused on tv that a .tv would not be a bad choice. You own some good names, and you do make good points about some, I like TV lovers but could get people looking for transvestities. And if you make the site special and get into apps you might not want that. standsout to me, its brandable and easily memorable.

    If you ever think of using a .tv I think I have the perfect name for you in because it encapsulates every thing that is tv. Plus it gets traffic so you have built in audience.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose, I have been on your site and its cool.

  11. 11
    barcode generator says:

    I think is best in comparison of services and price rate provided by others.

  12. 12
    Johan says: is my favorite of those, though I personally wouldn’t like spending the $18k for it. I’m guessing you could get an even better .tv for a lot cheaper.

    • 12.1
      admin says:

      I really like .com domain better, although in this case a .tv domain would work fine also.

  13. 13
    Richard Kligman says:

    How about – yours for $1500 :)

    Also, why not consider a .TV domain? Do you own any .tv names?

    • 13.1
      admin says:

      I own 5000 .com domains, and just have a preference for them. I guess I am old school.

  14. 14
    Michael Hallisey says:

    I like too plus it should always be worth that much if it doesn’t work out.

    I am just making some up I don’t own any of these but I thought of some names that sound good. maybe!

    I am just curious but to make a $100 a month is that from Google adsence and about how much traffic to your site do you need to make that much? Thanks! I also like too.

    • 14.1
      admin says:

      Yes, was a domain I had looked up also for this, but it is being used already by another tv site.
      I don’t have any tv related sites, so I am not sure how much the Adsense ads pay, but in general for most of my entertainment site, if it gets 500-1000 visitors a day it will make around $100/month.

  15. 15
    Dirk says:

    http://www.Soc.TV would be perfect.

    • 15.1
      admin says:

      That is a good fit, but I really want to stick with a .com domains for all my sites.

  16. 16
    Ralph says:

    How about ? :-)

    • 16.1
      admin says:

      Is it for sale? If so, do you know the price? I am not sure it would be worth it for me to spend that much for a domain for the site I am making.

  17. 17
    Matt Sharp says:

    if you ask me , looks more serious than others and this could be an advantage later .

  18. 18
    Claude says:

    With my Hotel TV biz taking off, I’m considering putting on the market to pay for the hotel TV expansion.

  19. 19
    Martin says:

    Hi Eric,
    As I own I receive offers of people selling .com tv domains. Not the bests but I remember one it was excelent! Give me some days and i’ll contact the seller and if he is still willing to sell i’ll be back to you with his contact. Good luck!

  20. 20
    tv tech says:

    LOL! Finally.. Wonderfull post, Great Blog!

  21. 21
    Jean K. Zavala says: and sounds cool!

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