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My Paperless Life

For several years I have been meaning to write a blog posting about how great it was to go from a messy stack of papers on my desk to a having paperless office. But, I have now moved on to even loftier goals. This is the year I began leading a paperless life. All my […]

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Impulse Communication’s mission is to create profitable online businesses and improve existing ones through both traditional and innovative marketing methods.

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My Domain Addiction and

In some of my previous postings (such as Are Premium Domains Worth It and 2012 – A Year Of Failures), I wrote about how hardly any of the domains I bought to flip or develop in the past few years have made any money, so I wa[...]

Bitcoin Mania

Back in 2002 I created my own virtual payment system called DigiCredit (Click Here to read my blog posting about it), so I have some experience when it comes to digital currencies such as Bitcoin. In case you are not familiar with[...]

2013 – A Year of Change

2013 was a year where I felt like I was treading water, with no clear direction. Unlike 2012 (A Year of Failures), this year was more good than bad. But, that is mostly because I lowered my expectations. Here’s a summary of [...]

Are Premium Domains Worth It?

With hundreds of new domain extensions flooding the market in the coming months, the huge shift in website browsing over the past few years from PCs to mobile devices, and the growing popularity of social media marketing (Facebook[...]

How The iPhone Changed My Life

Five years ago I bought a Blackberry. I would constantly use it to check my email, and for the first time I was able to easily get work done outside my office (before that I used a laptop, but that was a pain in the neck). In a si[...]

10 Reasons Why I Am Eager To Sell My Domains

Sales of my domains are the same now as they have been in previous years, but lately I have been much more eager to sell them than I used to be. In the past, I would hold out for what I thought a domain was worth, but now if I get[...]

Domains Sold – 2013

The following is a list of domain names I have sold in the past 9 months: – $7500 – $2000 – $5000 – $2000 – $900 STORESTUFF.CO[...]

How My Webhost Screwed Me Out Of $5000

I am currently having a dispute with my previous web host (Colo4jax), so I thought I would share it with you, as an example of the kind of thing that sometimes happens when running a company. For many years I had most of my sites [...]

2012 – A Year of Failures

As 2012 draws to a close, I though I would list how each of my business ventures did in 2012: The Bad Things of 2012: * I setup a bunch of new sites, but none of them have made any money: – Social media ra[...]

The Power of Blogging

When you put yourself out there by having a blog, you never know what will happen. You may get some negative comments, but once in a while it can turn into something wonderful when your words touch the lives of others. The Rocksta[...]

I Give Up, Google Wins

For years I have been trying various ways to make money from my thousands of domain names. I sell a few each month, but much of that money goes towards covering the annual renewal fees (I pay around $9 per domain). It used to be t[...]

Projects I Am Working On – Summer 2012

Since the goal of my blog is to give people an inside look at running an Internet business, here’s a somewhat random list of some of things I am working on right now: 1. I recently bought 19 websites from 15 different seller[...]

Domain Names I Sold – 2012

It is now halfway through the year, so I figured it would be a good time to post a list of domains that I sold so far in 2012: – $6250 – $2500 – $4950[...]

Cloud Hosting – Does it live up to the hype?

I have been using cloud hosting for my sites for the past year, and the short answer is “yes”, it is by far the best hosting I have ever had (see my previous post about my hosting problems). It is much more reliable, a[...]

How To Sign Contracts Online

Because I sell 5-10 domain names a month, I frequently need to sign domain name sales contracts. The way it works now is that I print out the contract, sign it, and then fax it to the buyer or scan it into my computer and email it[...]

Some Websites Are Just Not Worth It

Sometimes after I create a site, running it turns out to be more trouble than it is worth, so I shut it down. Here are some examples: 1. – It all started in 2002 when shopaholic Karyn Bosnak started asking[...]

I launched a new site today at, to help motivate people to do random acts of kindness. I was inspired when I saw the “Kindness Boomerang” video by the charity Life Vest Inside on James Altucher’s blo[...]

Big Domain Purchases – Part 2

Earlier this year I bought some big domain names (such as – see my blog posting about it) to develop into websites, even though I already have 5,000 other domains I have not developed yet. As with many of the th[...]

How I Was Scammed Out Of $2000

In my 15+ years of doing business online, I have lost money to scammers many times, so I thought I would show an example of one particular scam I fell for, as a warning for other webmasters who might be in a similar situation. And[...]

Domain Names I Recently Sold – September 2011

Below is a list of some of the domain names that I sold in the past 9 months: – $5,000 – $4,000 – $500 – $7,000 – $500 Winl[...]

Big Domain Purchases

I have some interesting news to report. In a previous posting I wrote about how I was unsure what to do with my 9000 domain names because I was losing money on the vast majority of them. And, in another posting I wrote about how I[...]

Interviews and Publicity – Do They Bring Fame and Fortune?

I was recently interviewed about my domain name business, and although doing any interview is always exciting, what made this one different is that it was my first video interview. You can view it at DomainSherpa. This was my firs[...]

My 9000 Domains – Part 2

In a previous posting, I pondered What To Do With My 9000 Domain Names?. It has been 6 months since I wrote that, so I though I would give my readers an update: 1. Yesterday I sold a package of 4000 of my domains for $1.3 million.[...]

What Domain Should I Use For My TV Site?

One of the goals of my blog is to give people an inside look at how an Internet business is run. So, here’s a business decision I am currently facing: I’m planning to build a site similar to, which is a[...]

The Website Content Controversy

Google’s recent changes to their search rankings (see details here) to reduce spammy content (mainly from “content farms”) has led to a lot of talk about the importance of having good, unique content. It got me t[...]

Domain Names I Recently Sold – January 2011

Here are some domain names I sold in the past 4 months: – $5,000 – $1,000 – $1,000 – $1,500 – $400 [...] is coming to town

In two of my previous postings, I wrote about my attempts to create viral videos: and Mainly, I tried making holid[...]

What To Do With My 9000 Domain Names?

I own several hundred domains that have real websites on them, such as,, and, but for over 10 years I have also had around 9000 domain names that are basically just sitting there doing nothing[...]

Big Domain Development – Part 3 (

In one of my earlier blog postings I talked about how I converted from a parked domain to a site with some content on it, so it would start getting search engine traffic. But, at that time, it was still a simple si[...]

New Website Projects – September 2010

In one of my previous postings, I gave away 11 new business ideas that I had thought of, because there is little chance I will ever get them launched myself. In this posting, I am going to list some of the Internet projects that I[...]

Domain Names I Recently Sold – August 2010 Update

Here are some domain names I recently sold: – $5,000 – $5,000 – $7,000 – $1,000 – $4,000 – $75[...]

The Death of the Publishing Industry?

In the past few years there has been a lot of talk about how newspapers and magazines are being replaced by online content, and that print media will soon be a dead industry. While it is true that the game is changing, and not man[...]

How To Get Rich Online – Book Epilogue

A few weeks ago I posted the introduction to my book. Below is the epilogue (the end part) for the book: How To Get Rich Online =================== What’s Next? While other teenagers were playing video games and watching spo[...]

How To Get Rich Online – Book Introduction

I have been thinking about writing a book. It would be called “How To Get Rich Online” and would be a combination of my most interesting blog posts and practical how-to advice for creating money making websites and mar[...]

Why I Hate Partnerships (an inside look at my Cyberworx partnership)

In a previous posting about partnerships, I wrote about various partnerships I entered into over the years, and one of those was with After 11 years, the company is still in business, yet I have never received any o[...]

Giving Away My New Business Ideas

In the spirit of a recent TechDirt article about giving business ideas away for free, I have decided to share some of my new business ideas (none of which I am currently working on, but would if I had more time): 1.[...]

Viral Videos – Part 2

In a previous posting, I talked about my attempt at launching a viral video. It was a modest success, but did not make me any money or bring any extra traffic to my site. So, I decided to create a few more music videos in the hope[...]

Viral Videos – OK Go

Most viral videos are just a one time thing for the person who created it, and much of the time going viral was not something they expected to happen or planned in advance. It is interesting to note that OK Go, as a virtually unkn[...]

Bone of the Month Club

Many of my blog postings are stories about sites that I created. This one is about a site I wanted to start, but never did: . I registered the domain in 2003 and the the concept was to create a site where people[...]

Expanding Your Internet Business

In my previous posting, I talked about how it is hard for many websites to take things to the next level, in terms of increasing sales and profits. Most websites, assuming they are able to stay in business for a few years, reach a[...]

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

One of the biggest problems in running an Internet business seems to be in taking it to the next level. By that I mean that many sites eventually get to the point where they make some money, but profits and sales level off, and th[...]

Big Domain Development – Part 2 (

In one of my earlier postings I talked about how I had not had much success developing my domain names to get traffic from the search engines (to increase income). I still am not making any significant revenue from those sites, bu[...]

Domain Names I Recently Sold – Part 2

Below is a list of some of the domain names that I have sold over the past few months. These are all domains I owned personally. A few sales were through brokers, most were from people who looked up that I was the owner and then c[...]

The Risks of Buying a Company

I have bought around a hundred websites over the past few years, but I have never bought any companies, and here’s why. When you buy an entire company instead of just buying their assets (like their website), you are exposed[...]

Viral Videos (The Story of “Pimp My Sleigh”)

A few years ago I decided to take a shot at creating a viral video, to get extra traffic to (and maybe get mentioned on TV, put in a movie, given a record deal, or any of the other fun things that viral video tend to lea[...]

Sometimes Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

For many years I have had most of my 10,000 domain names “parked”, which means they basically just have ads and search engine type links on them. I would always get a few offers a month on these domains from people who[...]

Partnerships – Part 3

I am not a big fan of partnerships. I know many big companies (Apple, Google, etc.) have been built that way, but it has never worked out very well for me. Many people don’t like partnerships because of potential personality[...]

Amazon Kindle Review

I am not much of a book reader, but I like to read the business books when I travel or am in the car. I was in the middle of buying some books on when it occurred to me that I would save money by buying a Kindle eBook r[...]

Domain Names I Recently Sold

Here are some of domain names I sold over the past few months: – $15,000 – $2,000 – $1,000 – $1000 – $3000 – [...]

Mechanical Turk

Back in 2005 launched a website they call Mechanical Turk, which is basically a job posting board for small tasks that people can do from home, such as writing reviews, transcribing podcasts, describing photographs,answ[...]

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