Company Profile

Profile of The Owner

Eric Borgos is the President of Impulse Communications, Inc., an Internet company that owns over 250 websites such as,, and He is also an active domain domain name investor with a portfolio of domains that includes,, and

Mr. Borgos graduated with a finance degree from Babson College in 1991 and ran several different businesses until he found his calling on the Internet in 1995. Since that time Eric has been featured in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Readers Digest, USA Today, Popular Science, and Inc. Magazine; and his websites have been talked about on radio stations such as National Public Radio (NPR) and TV shows such as Extra and TechTV.

Some of the more interesting facts about Mr. Borgos include:

  • At one point had over 15 people working for him but never met any of them (only used email)
  • Invented a toy and got it sold at Toys “R” Us.
  • Bought 2 retail flower stores thousands of miles away without visiting them first or knowing anything about flowers or retail stores.
  • Tried to go public in 2000 through a reverse merger.
  • For years had an office 3000 miles away but never once went there.
  • In 2008 sold his network of websites for $4.5 million
  • In 2011 sold a portfolio of 4000 of his domains for $1.3 million.

More recently Eric has been focusing on creating sites that feature leading edge technologies, including (using a neural network to rank users on social media sites) and (using a neural network to predict stock prices), as well as additional sites under development that involve facial recognition technology, automated speech transcription, accent detection, and “six degrees of separation” type networking.

Eric is also an amateur musician, having written and recorded over 100 songs (see to listen to them for free) including such viral music video hits as “Pimp My Sleigh”, “Hip-Hop Hanukkah”, and “The TurboTax Rap”.

Company Contact Info

Mailing Address:
Impulse Communications, Inc.
14525 SW Millikan #56742
Beaverton, OREGON 97005-2343
Phone: 401-789-0885

If you need to send something using any method other than the Post Office (like Fedex or UPS) use this address:
9450 SW Gemini Dr. #56742
Beaverton, OR 97008

Please email us instead of calling us. We do not respond by phone. If you can’t email us, call us and leave your email address in your phone message and we will email back to you.

Corporate Vision

The low cost of entry on the web allows us to constantly expand into new industries, and the high growth rate of the Internet creates an endless amount of new business opportunities for us to participate in.

The products, services, and content available through Impulse Communications, Inc. serve a wide variety of consumer needs, and generally offer new methods to improve on existing business models as well as finding new ways of creating value.

Our web sites, ecommerce systems, customer service, and backend systems are all highly automated, which allows us to handle large amounts of new business without spending time or money to handle this higher volume. By making our operations as automated and as “virtual” as possible, we are able to own thousands of income producing web sites as easily as other companies run their one web site. While other companies worry about negative cash flow, raising venture capital, committee meetings, project groups, or new employees recruiting; we focus our efforts on creating new web sites and marketing our existing web sites using our pre-existing resources and systems. Many times we are able to set up a new online business within days of conception, with very little cost involved. Our goal is to keep building additional web sites, while at the same time maximizing the income from the web sites that we have already created.

Company Background

In 1990, Impulse Communications, Inc. was formed as a sole proprietorship and changed to a Nevada corporation in 2000. In 2008 Impulse Communications, Inc was sold and reorganized as a Delaware company under the same name. Impulse Communications owns over 250 websites and 5,000 domain names and makes money from ad income, ecommerce, and domain name sales.

Here are some significant events in its history:

  • Impulse Communications was originally formed to provide computer consulting services such as installations of business automation software, computerized accounting systems, contact management software and point of sale systems.
  • From 1995-1997, with the increasing acceptance of the Internet, its focus shifted to designing and hosting websites, while at the same time developing several websites of its own, such as,,, and
  • In the same time period, it also purchased dozens of domain names from Network Solutions, a company that registers domain names for the Internet.
  • Starting in 1998, Impulse Communications has focused exclusively on developing new websites using the thousands of domain names it already owns, and continues to purchase new domain names for future development.
  • In January 2008, Impulse Communications sold and 170 related sites for $4.5 million.
  • In May 2011, Impulse Communications sold all 4000 of its adult domain names for $1.3 million.

Most of its revenue comes from selling text and banner advertisements on its websites, as well as the direct sales of products online. Impulse Communications also sometimes receives commissions from other companies via affiliate programs.

Revenue by Market Segment

The approximate percentage of revenue by product segment is as follows:

Ecommerce Sales: 50% – sites include
Advertising Income: 25% – banner ads, popunders, and sponsorships on and other sites.
Sales of domain names that we own: 25%

Impulse Communications, Inc. Business Summary

Sales: $1,993,991
Net income: $1,351,652 (mainly from selling a portfolio of 4600 of my domains)

Sales: $1,252,065
Net income: $138,462

Sales: $2,845,231
Net income: $1,544,782 (mainly from selling a portfolio of 4000 of my domains)

Sales: $1,350,845
Net income: $285,086

Sales: $1,230,587
Net income: $186,197

Sales: $1,896,990
Net income: $106,547

Sales: $2,355,023
Net income: $91,179

Sales: $2,800,744
Net income: $-118,553

Sales: $2,949,457
Net income: $-5,899

Sales: $3,081,921
Net income: $199,013

Sales: $2,479,827
Net income: $-200,542

Sales: $1,701,670
Net income: $-7,183

Sales: $1,556,583
Net income: $-30,478

Sales: $1,559,759
Net income: $438,496

Sales: $1,049,024
Net income: $397,204

Sales: $430,200
Net income: $120,704

Sales: $114,703
Net income: $19,174