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Eric Borgos was interviewed by Andrew Allemann on the Domain Name Wire Podcast about his domain names sales and his Internet business ventures.

The Domain Tips blog wrote a posting named Eric Borgos Is Awesome

Domain Name Wire covers the release of Eric Borgos’ book How To Make Money Online.


Eric Borgos was interviewed on the blog about the sale of

Eric Borgos was picked by Shane Cultra ( to be one of the “two favorite domain/buildout/entrepreneur guys in the industry”.

Eric Borgos/ featured in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail

Eric’s blog posting about having a paperless life was reposted at


Eric was nominated for Domainer of The Year in the 2013 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Awards

One of Eric’s blog postings was featured on Domain Name Wire.

Eric’s blog was picked as one of Jason Thompson’s favorite domainer blogs of 2013

Eric did some guest postings on the blog (formerly known as Elliot’s Blog):
How I Created My Own Virtual Currency
Domain Name Loans


Eric Borgos was interviewed by the about domain names. Click Here to read the interview.

One of Eric’s blog postings was featured on Jason Thompson’s blog:


Eric Borgos was interviewed by the DomainSherpa about his domain name business. Click Here to watch the interview.

Eric was featured on the Help Me Get Rich Blog: was mentioned in this article:


Eric Borgos was interviewed by the blog about how he runs Impulse Communications. Click Here to read the interview.


Eric Borgos was interviewed by the blog. Click Here to listen to the interview online.

The blog is listed as one of the top 100 domaining blogs at

Eric Borgos gives advice on Elliot’s Blog about what a part-time domain investor should do to build his or her business.

Eric Borgos was interviewed by Michael Dunlop for a series of interviews about Internet Entrepreneurs in his Income Diary blog. Click Here to read the interview.

Our websites are mentioned several times in various articles on the domain blog
Eric Borgos: The Other Domain King, 9000+ Domains, 200+ Websites, Millions in Revenue, Started in 1995, And More
Every Domainer Wants to Make it Rich, How did Eric Borgos get MILLIONS?, and More
Through’s Network, Eric Borgos made MILLIONS, can you do the same? We’re giving it a shot
Eric Borgos who sold for $4 Million Shares His Experience with Domaining Partnerships
Domain Development: Big Projects are Happening with some of the Big Time Domainers
Revealing Look at Eric Borgos, his Makeover & Hundreds of his Recent Sales


January – Impulse Communications, Inc. sells and 170 related sites for $4.5 million, and reorganizes as a new corporation also named Impulse Communications, Inc. Click Here to read the press release.

News article from mentions mentioned in an MSN Tech & Gadgets article – “Gift-giver’s Guide to Free Stuff on the Web”

2007 and mentioned in March 26th Bismarck Tribune article. is part of a Florida Today article. Eric Borgos contributes by commenting on the MTV slang that a Pastor uses to entice attendants.


Eric Borgos participates in a discussion about fads on the public radio show Yesterday Today and Tomorrow.Click here to listen to the interview.

"Toby" the infamous internet bunny saved by Impulse Communications, Inc.. Read more here mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Eric Borgos interviewed about on the Maxim channel (108) on Sirius Satellite Radio at 3pm Eastern time on January 11th. No audio clip is available.

Radio interview with Lisa Alexander of KDKA News Radio for her Pittsburgh Weekly show, about the topic of backmasking and how can be used for that. mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

2006 mentioned as a top 10 site in London Times,, and mentioned in this Student Life article.

2005 mentioned in Relevant Magazine mentioned in Popular Science Magazine mentioned in Reader’s Digest mentioned in GrowFolio Magazine mentioned in Red Herring Magazine.


December 2004 – article in the Seattle PI

September 2004 – selected as Hot Site

July 2004 – selected as Hot Site

April 2004 – selected as Hot Site


October 2003 – Impulse Communications Named To Inc. 500 List

July 2003 – selected as Hot Site

July 2003 – selected as Hot Site

June 2003 – selected as Hot Site

June 2003 – selected as Hot Site

June 2003- selected as Hot Site

February 2003 – selected as TechTV’s Cat’s Clicks


December 2002 – selected as Cool Site of the Day at

September 2002 – selected as Hot Site

August 2002 – selected as Hot Site

February 2002 – selected as Hot Site

January 2002 – Need distraction? Get bored ( article on DM Online

2001 and Older

November 2001 – interview with Eric Borgos.

February 2000 – was featured on the national TV show "EXTRA".

July 1999 – Direct Mag interviewed Eric Borgos to discuss affiliate marketing

February 16, 1998 – The Wall Street Journal Online – On-Line Stores Lure Customers Through Reciprocal Relationships

Impulse Communications’ web sites have also been featured in on MSNBC.COM, Yahoo! Magazine, Internet Underground Magazine, and The UK Telegraph.

Press Releases

August 9, 2005
Impulse Communications, Inc. announces the acquisition of over $100,000
worth of websites over the past 30 days:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

December 2000
announces free Bored.Com email service