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Featured Sites:

AdoptMe.com – A site for kids where they can adopt virtual pets (such as dogs, cats, horses, turtles, and fish) and learn the responsibilities of pet ownership by feeding, walking, and taking care of them.
Dumb.com – Dumb videos, silly photos, funny jokes, and more stupid stuff.
CheapFlowers.com – Nationwide flower delivery by a local florist for as low as $29.95. No extra fees added.
Santa Bot – Chat live with Santa Claus online.
KindActs.com – Help make the world a better place by doing random acts of kindness, such as those suggested on this site.
Digitalfilms.com – Create your own short animated films online, with no programming knowledge needed.
FindCliches.com – A huge list of cliches and idioms, along with their definitions.
GameReviews.com – Thousands of video game reviews from hundreds of the leading game sites.
Guessthename.com – Think of a TV Show or Movie name, and the computer will guess it by asking you questions.
Impulse.ai – A site dedicated to the artificial intelligence work we are doing using neural networks.
MediaSnacks.com – The most interesting articles and postings on the web, updated constantly throughout the day.
PickStocks.com – A free online backtester for stock market strategies.
PlayMyGame.com – Create free personalized video games with your own photo in it,to share with your friends and family.

General Sites:

911callers.com – Listen to real 911 emergency calls online.
AddCaptions.com – An online sign generator.
AgeHumor.com – A funny list of things that happen to people as they get old.
Anagramsite.com – A large list of funny and interesting anagrams, plus an anagram generator.
AsianPhotos.com – Interesting photos from Asia.
AwardWinner.com – Create fun awards online for your friends and family.
AwayHumor.com – Funny away messages.
Battle of America – A war related online adventure game.
BeforeXmas.com – Parodies of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.
BestForwards.com – Send these funny forwards to your friends And family
BigComplaints.com – An automatic complaint letter generator, to complain to a person or a company.
BigFansites.com – A directory of celebrity fan sites.
BigSites.com – Links to the most fun, silly, and coolest sites on the Web.
BingePodcasts.com – A list of great podcasts that you can binge listen to.
BingeShows.com – A list of TV shows that are perfect for binge watching.
BingeMovies.com – A list of movies suitable for binge watching.
BumperQuotes.com – Funny bumper sticker quotes.
Burgergame.com – A fun quiz where you look at photos of hamburgers and try to pick which fast food restaurants they are from.
Carolling.com – Lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols.
Caveofmagic.com – An amazing online card trick.
Celebrity Jigsaw Puzzles – Solve jigsaw puzzles online using images of your favorite celebrities.
Celebrity Quizzes – How Well Do You Know Your Favorite Celebrity?
Cell Phone Spying – A free service you can use to spy on your friends. Just enter the phone number of their cell phone or mobile device (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) and within seconds the satellite tracking system will triangulate their exact location using their cellular signal.
Charlie The Cop – A free story you can read online about a 15 year old who believes he is a cop.
CheapRoses.com – Nationwide delivery of fresh roses.
ChibiFriends.com – Adopt virtual Chibipets.
ChickenJoke.com – Jokes about chickens.
ChildhoodSite.com – An entertaining site that brings back memories for those who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.
ChinesePhotos.com – Interesting photos from China.
CleverFacts.com – Facts that will amaze and astound you.
CleverHumor.com – Clever jokes.
Cliche List – A huge list of cliches.
ClickPatterns.com – Click on an image and then see which part of the image everybody else clicked on.
CollegeTypes.com – A funny list of the different types of college students.
ColorFight.com – Vote for your favorite color and see how other people voted.
Confessions.net – Read confessions made by other people.
Countryquiz.com – A game where you view a map of a country and try to guess which country it is.
CoverFights.com – Watch cover song music videos and vote on which you like best.
CrapMachine.com – Create a piece of virtual crap and email it to a friend or enemy.
CrazyCriminals.com – A funny list of real crimes committed by dumb criminals.
Crazyfads.com – Fads from the past 100 years: hula hoops, disco, pet rocks, goldfish swallowing, flagpole sitting, mood rings, Rubik’s Cubes, 3D movies, and more.
CrazyForwards.com – Funny, silly jokes to keep you entertained.
Crazyillusion.com – An optical illusion.
Crazyillusions.com – Optical illusions and magic tricks.
CrazyImages.com – A website is full of cool images to keep you amazed and entertained.
CrazyInfo.com – Fun and amazing facts.
CrazyLaws.com – Some of the craziest laws from around the world.
CrazyPhotos.com – Over 1000 funny photos.
CrazyThoughts.com – A large list of funny and strange questions.
CrazyWarnings.com – Funny product warning labels.
CreateBurps.com – Create virtual burps and send them to friends.
CreateFarts.com – Create farts online and send them to your friends and family.
Free Personalized Chidlren’s Stories – Create personalized audio stories for kids that actually say their first name in the story, all for free online.
CreatePaintings.com – Instantly generates a free customized painting for you online based upon your personality.
CreateRaps.com – Create a rap song online using your microphone and our free hip-hop beats.
Star In Your Own Online Video – Put your your face in one of our Web videos and share it with your friends and family.
CuteFairies.com – A virtual world where you can adopt a fairy.
Cybercones.com – Send somebody a virtual ice cream cone.
CyberCops.com – Read about cyber fraud and scams so you don’t become a victim.
Cyberfireworks.com – Create your own virtual fireworks show.
CyberFlu.com – Virus warning prank site.
CyberInfants.com – Adopt a virtual baby.
DataNumerics.com – Instantly create a real looking statistics report for any topic using totally made up data.
DeathForecast.com – Find out when you will die.
Dentist Humor – Dentist jokes and puns.
DialSongs.com – Play songs on your phone by punching in the patterns of numbers listed on this site.
DumbForwards.com – Silly humor you can forward to friends
DumbInsults.com – A big list of dumb insults.
DumbMoments.com – Read embarrassing stories sent in by other people.
Dumb Puzzles – Funny and dumb jigsaw puzzles that you can complete online.
Dumb Reminders – An easy way to remind yourself to do things, like taking out the trash or cleaning your room.
FamousMaps.com – View satellite photos of famous locations such as celebrity houses, movie locations, historical landmarks, and tourist attractions.
Fartnames.com – Funny names for different types of farts.
FeelMotivated.com – Inspirational stories to get you motivated.
Women’s Bathroom Humor – A funny look at what goes on in the Women’s public restroom.
Film Cliches – Things that happen over and over again in movies.
FindBlogs.com – A blog search engine.
FindFlorists.com – A directory of florists.
Findhoroscopes.com – Read daily horoscopes online.
FindHosts.com – Web hosting reviews.
Findinfo.com – A search engine.
FindInsults.com – A huge list of insults and yo mamma jokes.
FindPizzas.com – An online directory of pizza shops.
FindQuotes.com – A directory of thousands of famous quotes.
FindThoughts.com – A neuro search engine that allows you to search peoples’ minds for factual information.
FindTrailers.com – Watch movie previews online.
Findvideos.com – A video search engine.
FiredWorkers.com – Hear the crazy things people did to get themselves fired from their jobs.
Foldmoney.com – Strange things you can do with paper money.
FoodFighting.com – Start a virtual food fight.
FrankenRhymes – Listen to free Halloween hip-hop songs
Freakydreams.com – Learn how to interpret your dreams.
FreakyMind.com – A prank you can play on your friends where you trick them into thinking this website can guess everything about them.
Friesgame.com – A fun quiz where you look at photos of French Fries and try to pick which fast food restaurants they are from.
Fun Timelines – Create your own timeline or browse timelines of celebrities and other interesting topics.
FunTranslators.com – Translate English to many fun languages like hip-hop, AOL’er , and Vulcan.
FunTwisters.com – Tongue twisters.
GasMistakes.com – Get better gas mileage. Learn the common mistakes the drivers make so you can maximize your mpg.
GetAmused.com – A huge collection of funny jokes.
Pet Peeves – A huge list of things that annoy people.
Free Audio Books – Listen to thousands of classic books from famous authors online.
Virtual Boyfriend Game – Get a virtual boyfriend and go on dates with him, write him love letters, buy him gifts, and much more.
GetDolls – Free doll dressup games and dollmakers.
GetFlowers.com – Send flowers nationwide at discount prices.
GetHumor.com – Funny jokes to make you laugh.
GetHypnotized.com – Free virtual hypnosis.
GetInsulted.com – A huge database of insults.
GetKissed.com – Send a virtual kiss to your friend or loved one.
GetNicknames.com – Get a nickname for yourself.
GetRelaxed.com – Reduce your stress level by listening to soothing sounds and watching relaxing images online.
GetSettlements.com – Sell your life insurance policy for cash.
Giantego.com – Give your ego a boost.
Giant Zoo – A virtual zoo with dozens of videos of animals that you can watch online.
Great Comics – Over 1000 funny web comics.
GreatProverbs.com – Funny Chinese proverbs, and other sayings, idioms, maxims, & aphorisms.
GrossNames.com – Movie names that sound like you are taking a poop.
GrossVideos.com – Gross, disgusting videos.
GuessMyTeam.com – This website will ask you a few questions, and then try to guess who your favorite sports team is .
GuessTheCandy.com – Take this quiz to see how well you know your candy bars.
GuessTheCity.com – A fun quiz where you look at a photo of a city and have to name it.
Guessthemovie.com – A quiz game where you view a photo and to guess which movie it is from.
Guessthespot.com – A fun quiz where you try to name the landmark by looking at an aerial view of the location.
GuessTheStar.com – A fun quiz where you try guess which celebrities are which by looking at only a partial photo of them.
HipHopReminders.com – Free Hip-Hop audio songs that actually say the name of your recipient in them, to remind them about chores that need to be done.
HoopDancers.com – Videos of women hula hoop dancing.
HugeFlowers.com – Send virtual flowers for free.
iBreakups.com – An online breakup letter generator.
Idiomsite.com – Find out the origins of common phrases and sayings.
ImageSpeller.com – Type a word or name and see it spelled out in images.
JokeWallpaper.com – Download funny desktop wallpapers for your computer.
KidsHeadlines.com – News for kids from around the web.
KidV.com – A search engine of children’s videos.
KoreanPhotos.com – Interesting photos from Korea.
LazyVideos.com – Crazy, interesting, and funny videos.
LargeHeads.com – A list of celebrities with big heads.
LocalRecap.com – A guide filled with interesting information about things to do and places to go in your local area.
LongEssays.com – Create an essay instantly online. Just enter an essay topic and we do all the work for you.
Adopt Virtual Pets – Adopt a free virtual dog, cat, or rabbit and take care of it online.
Men’s Bathroom Humor – A funny look at what goes on in the Men’s public restroom.
MatchAge.com – View photos of people and guess their real age.
MCEricB.com – Free hip-hop and pop songs, such as the Christmas classic Pimp My Sleigh.
MonoPets.com – Adopt virtual pets.
MovieTests.com – An online movie trivia game.
MyLittleFairy.com – Adopt a fairy online.
Reminder Service – Send free reminders to your mobile phone, so you don’t forget important events.
Mysticalball.com – Find out what your future will be.
Name Games – Name learning games.
NameShopping.com – A list of all the domains owned by Impulse Communications, Inc.
NamingBabies.com – Find a name for your baby.
NamingPets.com – Find a name for your pet.
NerdcoreSongs.com – Funny hip-hop songs that you can listen to for free online.
NetDances.com – Watch videos of popular dances such as Napoleon Dynamite, The Moonwalk, Elaine from Seinfeld, Star Wars Kid, The Macarana, The Chicken Dance, The Robot, William Hung, and more.
NicerApps.com – A list of iPhone apps.
OfficeJokers.com – Funny work related jokes and pranks.
OfficeSlang.com – Learn the meaning of the business jargon used in your office.
OfficeTerms.com – A list of common business terms in an office.
Oldsuperstitions.com – A list of superstitions.
Peenames.com – A funny list of names for peeing.
PickBoogers.com – Pick a virtual booger and send it to your friends online.
Pickup Grams – Email a personalized audio pickup line to the girl you are trying to pickup. It will actually say her name in the audio part of the email.
Poopnames.com – Funny names for different types of poop.
PopTests.com – An online pop music trivia quiz.
PrankStories.com – Read real stories about practical jokes that people have played on each other.
President Jigsaw Puzzles – Do jigsaw puzzles online for all of the Presidents of the United States of America.
RadioBeats.com – 100 free hip-hop beats that you can download for free and use to create songs or videos or whatever you want.
Rainornot.com – Find out if it will rain today.
Rap Insults – Send an insulting rap song to your friends or enemies for free online. The song actually says their specific name in it.
Reggie The Reindeer – Listen to free Christmas hip-hop songs from Rudolph’s twin brother.
RomanceLevel.com – A love calculator you can use to find out how compatible you are with somebody.
RoommateTricks.com – Hundreds of ways to annoy your roommate.
ShakyVideos.com – A free service where you upload a shaky video and we will stabilize it.
SignHumor.com – Funny mistranslated signs.
SillyMessages.com – Funny answering machine messages.
SillyPuns.com – Hundreds of funny puns.
Silly Spoofs – Watch musical parodies of famous movies such as Star Wars, Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, Spiderman, The Matrix, Titanic, Pirates of the Carribean, Star Trek, and more.
SillyTrivia.com – Fun and silly trivia.
SitePoems.com – Turn any website into a poem.
SitePoetry.com – Turn any website that you visit into magnetic words that you can play with online. Just type the website’s URL into the box on the left side of this page .
Sketches – Sketch a drawing of something online and save it.
Snapbubbles.com – Virtual bubble wrap.
SpellThings.com – A fun online spelling test.
Superphotos.com – A photo search engine.
Superpizzas.com – Create a free virtual pizza for yourself or send it to a friend.
Text Flirter – Send free SMS text message flirts to any mobile phone.
ThrowUp.com – Create your own vomit and send it to your friends.
cosmicapps – A mobile app directory and search engine.
Personalized Ringtones – Free ringtones that actually say your name in them.
Trivia Brains Game – A free online game where you answer celebrity trivia, science trivia, music trivia, and pop culture trivia questions. All questions are in audio format, where they are spoken to you.
TrustyInfo.com – Over 10,000 articles about various topics.
TypeMirror.com – A fun site that reverses the text that you type.
Unvited – Disinvite People To Your Party – Use this free online uninvitation service when you don’t what to tell somebody in person that they are no longer invited to your party.
US Jigsaw Puzzles – Online jigsaw puzzles for each of the states in the United States of America.
Virtual Dogs – Adopt a free virtual dog and take care of it online.
Virtual Parenthood – Adopt a virtual baby.
VirtualPetville.com – Adopt virtual pets.
Vomitnames.com – A list of funny names for Vomit.
Vote Baby Names – Vote for your favorite baby name or first name.
WackyInventions.com – Hundreds of wild and crazy inventions.
VideoTaco.com – View the most popular videos on the Web.
WatchBackwards.com – Upload a video and watch it backwards.
WaterTowers.com – Thousands of photos and videos of water towers.
WebCheerleaders.com – A virtual cheerleading game.
Virtual Girlfriend Game – Get a virtual girlfriend and go on dates with her, write her love letters, buy her gifts, and much more.
WebInsults.com – A big list of funny insults.
WebRiddles.com – A huge list of brain teasers and riddles for you to enjoy.
Whichisworse.com – Thousands of hypothetical scenarios where you choose which option is worse.
Wordisms.com – A list of funny made up words.
WriteComics.com – Create your own comic online.
XmasHumor.com – Christmas jokes.
YoMamma.com – A big list of Yo Mamma jokes and insults.
ZanyJokes.com– Listen to funny jokes online.
ZanyReviews.com – Movie reviews from Twitter users.

Arcade/Video Game Sites:

BlockFrenzy.com – A highly addictive game. Once you start playing, you will not be able to be stop.
Lemonadegame.com – Setup an online lemonade stand and see how much lemonade you can sell.
Tic-Tac-Toe – Play Tic-Tac-Toe online against the computer.
Virtual Cooking Game – A free online game where you compete against other cooks to be the best chef.
ChibiArcade.com – An online video arcade.
Christmas Arcade – Play Christmas online video games.
CupidsArcade.com – Romantic online video games.
CyberFactories.com – An online multiplayer business simulation game where you compete against other Factory owners to see who can become the wealthiest.
DigiRacers.com – A virtual auto racing game
DocGame.com – A virtual doctor game.
Government Bailout Game – An online game where you try to save the economy by bailing out businesses.
FindLandmarks.com – An online game where you try to find famous locations on a map as fast as you can.
FineArcade.com – A free online video game arcade.
FootballBattles.com – A virtual fantasy football game.
Gossip Arcade – Play free video games online related to your favorite celebrities.
HipHop Games – Play free video games online related to hiphop music.
Invade Planets – An alien invasion game.
Charity Game – An online game where you make virtual money and then donate it to various charities.
Layoff Game– A game where you layoff workers in a company.
LyricsGame.com – A game where you try to fill in the missing lyrics.
MonsterWheelie.com – A monster truck racing game.
PlayRPS.com – You’ve played it with your friends, now play Rock Paper Scissors online.
PlayTicTacToe.com – Play tic tac toe online against the computer.
Political Flash Games – Free online video games with a political theme.
PopBalloons.com – Pop the balloons with the darts to get to the next level.
Punch Buggy Game – An online version of the game kids play in the car.
Reflexgame.com – Test your reflexes online.
Religious Flash Games – Play religious video games online.
Rinkwars.com – A virtual fantasy hockey game.
SmartVets.com – A virtual veterinarian game.
Spot The Differences – A game where you find the differences between 2 photos.
VideoGameQuiz.com – Guess the name of video games by viewing photos of them.
VirtualPool.com – Play pool online.
Webpingpong.com – Play ping pong online.
BaseBattles.com – A virtual fantasy baseball game.
BasketBattles.com – A virtual fantasy basketball game.
Car Dealer Game – A game where you sell cars at a auto dealership.

eGreetings Type Sites:

Supergreetings.com – Send virtual greeting cards for any occasion.
HiphopGrams.com – Music eGreetings where the rapper actually says the name of your recipient in the song.
Onlinehugs.com – Send a hug online.
Christmas Grams – Send a free personalized Santa video message online.
Amazingfun.com – Send virtual stuff to your friends and family for free: ice cream, flowers, pizza, pranks, kisses, prayers, insults, and more.
Personalized Audio Religious Gram – Email an inspirational religious audio greeting to somebody you love, and have it actually say their name in the greeting, all for free.
RapoGrams.com – Send Someone A Hip-Hop Greeting Today.
Scheduled Greetings – Send online greeting cards for all occasions.
Ugly Flower Store – Send ugly flowers for free online by email. Several dead flower arrangements to choose from.
CartoonishCards.com – Free funny cartoon greeting cards.
123teddy.com – Free cute teddy bear ecards for love and friendship.
aFunnycard.com – Free funny egreeting cards.
AllChristiancards.com – Christian egreeting cards that you can send for free online.
AllFunnycards.com – Funny free egreeting cards that you can send online.
BearyFriends.com – Send free teddy bear greeting cards online.
BearyLove.com – Free teddy bear egreetings.
CelebFunny.com – Free celebrity greeting cards.
CelebQuotations.com – Famous celebrity quotes.
CelebSayings.com – Quotes from celebrities.
Comic Quotes – Funny quotes from comedians.
CuteKissing.com – Free kissing and romance ecards.
CuteLaughs.com – Funny egreetings.
CuteLoveCards.com – Free I love you and romantic electronic greeting cards.
FilmSayings.com – Send movie quote greeting cards online for free.
Greetingswelove.com – Thousands of online greeting cards that you can send for free to your friends and family.
IslamGreeting.com – Free Islam greeting cards.
JokeAnimations.com – Dozens of cartoon jokes to make you laugh.
Kfeelings.com – Free online greeting cards.
Kgreetings.com – Thousands of free egreetings.
PassionBoat.com – Free passionate love greeting cards.
PetAnimations.com – Animated pet jokes.
PrettyLoveCards.com – Free love and romance ecards.
ReligionGreetings.com – Free religious egreeting cards.
TheFriendshipCards.com – Free friendship online greeting cards.
TheInspireMountain.com – Send free inspiration greeting cards online.
TheLoveGreetings.com – Send free love greeting cards online.
WebGreetingz.com – Free online greeting cards.
ZanyImages.com – Funny photo egreetings you can send for free to your friends and family.
HinduGreetings.com – Free Hindu greeting cards.
AWeddingCard.com – Free wedding ecards.

Informational Sites:

Precrastinatiors.com – Are you a precrastinator?
CelebStartups.com – Find out which celebrities run their own startup companies and websites.
Metaphors.com – A big list of metaphors and their meanings.
ShirtHoles.com – Solve the mystery of why your shirts suddenly get tiny holes in them.
TumorHelp.com – Brain cancer diagnosis info and brain tumor treatment options.
The Science of Getting Rich – An audio version of the famous book by Dr. Wallace D. Wattles. Learn the secrets to making money and how getting rich is an exact science that you can easily learn.
TestPasswords.com – Test your password to see how secure it is.
WebViaticals.com – Cash in your life insurance policy and get the cash you need.
PalindromeList.com – Words and phrases spelled the same both forwards and backwards.
ParableSite.com – Read parables and other life lessons.
Freshgoals.com – Articles about Goal Setting, Staying Motivated, Spirituality, Mind and Body and more.
EasierTaxes.com – Advice and reviews for filing your taxes online.
VastBitcoins.com – Articles about Bitcoins, Bitcoin mining, and Bitcoin exchanges.
VastCrypto.com – A place to talk about Bitcoins.
WiccaHelp.com – Everything you need to know about wicca.
PetWriters.com– Blog postings about pets.
CryptoConversions.com – How much is your crypto currency worth?
FindPricing.com – Get bitcoin and altcoin market prices.

Content Aggregation Sites:

Stupidness.com – Weird News Stories, Fun Websites, Viral Videos, Funny Photos, and Crazy Stuff.
Updated Hourly So You Don’t Get Bored.
BadFails.com – Thousands of epic fail videos, updated daily.
DumbVideos.com – Thousands of viral videos. New funny, silly, and amazing video added daily.
WildLists.com – Fun, crazy, and amazing top 10 type lists updated daily.
TechGrapevine.com – The latest technology news from dozens of leading tech sites.
BigCashflows.com – Business wisdom from the leading entrepreneurial blogs to help you get rich.
HugeStartups.com – A constantly updated list of new products and services from startup companies.
TotallyOdd.com – Weird, odd, bizarre, & funny news stories from around the world.
HearPodcasts.com – Listen to podcasts from dozens of different sites.
PrankSite.com – Watch thousands of videos of people playing pranks and practical jokes on each other.
PrankCallers.com – Funny prank phone calls you can listen to.
DumbParodies.com – Watch thousands of hilarious song parody music videos.

R-Rated Sites (restricted to ages 18 years and over):

SickestJokes.com – Sick, twisted, dirty, tasteless jokes.
CondomSlogans.com – Funny slogans for condoms.
DirtyPickups.com – Dirty pickup lines.
DirtyReports.com – Dirty news reports from around the world.
DirtySlang.com – A sex slang dictionary.
DirtySounding.com – Real names of people.
DirtyXmas.com – Dirty Christmas poems.
Filthyinsults.com – Dirty insults.
FunnyTitles.com – Funny names of porn movies.
GrossNames.com – Movie names that sound like you are taking a poop.
Laddertheory.com – a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.
OrgasmHumor.com – New types of orgasms.
PenisTypes.com – Penis humor.
SendCurses.com – Send a curse to somebody online.
SexLimericks.com – Dirty limericks.
SexManiac.com – The Internet’s largest porn search engine.
SexualJokes.com – Funny sex jokes.
Stupidness.com – A list of funny and weird websites.
VeryGross.com – A directory of gross things you can do online.
VirtualSatan.com – Send somebody to a virtual hell.
WildAnimations.com – Dozens of adult cartoon jokes.

Sites I Purchased:
StuffonmyCat.com – Funny photos of cats with stuff on them.
StuffonmyMutt.com – Funny photos of dogs with stuff on them.
FunnyRedneckJokes.com – Funny redneck photos and jokes.
ParentingEd.com – Learn how to avoid yelling at your children or trying to force them to behave.
Baby-Louis.net – Pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood and new parent info.
FirstStepChildcare.com – Become a better, more loving, caring and responsible parent.

Sites I Recently Sold:
NurseryRhymes.com – A free site offering lyrics and music to hundreds of popular nursery rhymes that have been passed down through the ages.

Mobile Apps:
Free iOS (iPhone/iPad) Apps:
Draw Things – Draw a sketch and the computer will guess what you have drawn. Like the famous Draw Something (“Drawing With Friends”) app, but no friends are needed.
Beat Maker – Mix and match the sound loops to create a custom beat. Hip-hop, Dubstep, House, Dance, and more.
Fun Sounds – Hundreds of silly and amusing sound effects for you to listen to.
Hip-Hop Beat Maker
Dubstep Beat Maker
Hip-Hop Beat Maker – iPad Version
Dubstep Beat Maker – iPad Version
Beat Maker – iPad Version
Old Time Radio Shows – Listen to old radio shows for free.
Add A Mustache – Take a photo of a person and add a mustache to their face.
Fun Makeover – Add a stylized hair cut, beard, or mustache to any photo.
Six Degrees – Music – Find out how any 2 musicians or bands are connected by their songs.
Six Degrees – Movies – Find out how any 2 actors are connected by their movies.
Pixel Art – Create pixel art.
Dirty Dubstep – A dubstep beatmaker.
Sound Effects – iOS Version – Listen to hundreds of silly, exciting, and fun sound effects for free.
Free Android Apps:
Sound Effects – Listen to hundreds of silly, exciting, and fun sound effects for free.
Old Time Radio Shows – Listen to old radio shows for free.
Sketch Guessing – Draw something and the app will try to guess what you drew.
Celebrity Lookalike – See which celebrities you look like.
Age Guessing – This app will guess how old you look.

Sites Under Construction:
247Gamers.com – Play video games for free remotely in the cloud, no download needed.
ShakyVideos.com – Stabilize your videos for free online. No software to download, just upload your shaky video and download an image stabilized one, all for free. .
MakeTranscripts.com – Get a free transcript of your podcast, interview, video, or any other audio file.
FreeLyricVideos.com – Create a lyric video for your song for free online, to post to Youtube, your blog, or website.
CreateCircuits.com – Free online circuit designer. Using a set of components that you specify such as resistors, capacitors and transistors, our neural network will search to find circuits that perform a given task.
TryWords.com – Find the right words to use for your song lyrics or poem. We use a complex analysis of millions of pages of text to generate a list of common words that go before or after whatever word you already thought of, to help you find the right word to use. Great for songwriters and poets.
FXBacktester.com – A free online Forex trading strategy backtester.
CryptoBacktester.com – A free online cryptocurrency trading strategy backtester.
MultiCoinage.com – A cryptocurrency payment processor that allows merchants to accept all of the leading altcoins.
Crypto500.com – An index that tracks the combined value of all the major cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin).
IDXCoin.com – An altcoin where the value is based on an index of all the cryptocurrency prices (dozens of them, not just Bitcoin).
Pretendville.com – A virtual city full of things for you to do. Pretend to be a doctor or lawyer, run a virtual store, mine for gold, or adopt a virtual pet or baby.
Online Video Game Competition – An online arcade where you try to get the high score on each video game.
BigCelebrities.com – Social media rankings and fan info for over 15,000 celebrities and brands.
StopSounds.com – Using noise cancellation technology to block unwanted sounds (airplanes, trains, traffic, etc.)
BoatDeals.com – Changing the way people buy and sell used boats.