Big Domain Development – Part 2 (

By | January 19, 2010

In one of my earlier postings I talked about how I had not had much success developing my domain names to get traffic from the search engines (to increase income). I still am not making any significant revenue from those sites, but I recently tried adding content to one of my domains that already gets a lot of traffic ( and it instantly started making 50% more money (from Google ads) than when I had it parked (no content, just a bunch of search engine type links on it). One reason for this is that when I park a domain, the domain parking company takes around half of the ad income, so by taking control of the site myself I cut out the middleman and increase profits.

My main motive for developing though is to get it listed in the search engines so it gets more traffic. When I had the domain parked, it had almost no traffic at all from the search engines. Since movies are extremely popular online, the phrase “watch movies” gets a huge number of searches, so if even a small percentage of those searchers go to it will be a huge windfall for me.

It has only been a few months so far, but last week traffic on suddenly went up 50% due to good search engine listings, which resulted in a sudden 50% increase in ad income. Over the next few months it should go even higher. I now plan to add content to 200 of my other top domains to see if I can achieve similar results. I will post those results in a future blog posting.

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15 thoughts on “Big Domain Development – Part 2 (

  1. Brigantine Real Estate

    Glad to hear that as I’m looking to develop a similarly named domain — Hope I see the same results.

  2. Marty

    You should put Netflix affiliate links on your site. You get paid $15+ for every sign up.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, I plan to add some affiliate links like that soon. For now I am mainly concerned with increasing the traffic, and once that happens I will focus more on monetizing it.

  3. Andy Booth

    Nice work Eric… I am about to roll out very soon. is a great domain.

    1. admin Post author

      I get them from . If you look at a trailer, you will see an “embed” button on the bottom right, and that will give you the code to use to put it on your site.

  4. BF

    Hi Eric. I noticed as of today, you have replaced the Netflix affiliate banner ad on header of site with a good AdSense banner ad. Did the affiliate banner ad from Netflix not perform well? Also, I was curious about how you work with content in general. Do you write content for your sites yourself, or do you use content writing services or have writers you go to? Thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      The Netflix banner on is shown by Google Adsense. It is not an affiliate banner. I soon will try using some affiliate links on the site though. For the content of the site, I had a company in India make it for me. They do SEO and articles and site design. I have used a bunch of different overseas companies for this kind of stuff, and have almost always been happy with them.

    1. admin Post author

      I emailed them to ask for their company URL and they wrote this to me:
      “Actually we are really busy with finishing up the content for
      the 200 sites we are creating for you. So I am not in a position to take up work for a while.
      Again if I take up anything I will deviate and then it will chaotic…”

  5. BF

    Wow. Regarding their response. How weird is that? How did you come across them without a company URL?

    1. admin Post author

      I am very happy they said that. I would rather they just focus on my sites. I found them several years ago, I can’t remember how. they had a company url but I can’t remember what it is.

  6. domain

    That was amazing! for sure you are getting tons of traffic in your site, watching movies online are very popular as long as the movie you are offering to your visitors are good.

  7. Sandy Utah Chiropractor

    You’ve got nice domain name since people who’d like to watch movies over the internet would definitely key in the word “watch” + “movies” in google. Online movies / movie downloads really are good niche.

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