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Domain Names I Recently Sold – Part 2

Below is a list of some of the domain names that I have sold over the past few months. These are all domains I owned personally. A few sales were through brokers, most were from people who looked up that I was the owner and then contacted me: – $5000 – $2000 – $1100 – $3750 – $1000 – $350 – $250 $5500 – $250 – $750 – $1000 – $2500 – $750 – $1000 – $2000 – $1000 – $1000 – $2500

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10 Responses to “Domain Names I Recently Sold – Part 2”

  1. 1
    a bad salesman says:

    those are some good sales. I hit a dryspell in late 09′ and haven’t made a sale since. maybe you can coach me lol.


  2. 2
    Adam says:

    Nice sales Eric . where did you sell most of them ? direct inquiries ? Afternic ? sedo ?

  3. 3
    t says:

    I I especially like,…A great lead generation site,…

  4. 4
    M. Menius says:

    Congrats on your sales. Curious if negotiation drove the final sales price, or if you just provided a BIN and the buyer accepted that. Thanks.

    • 4.1
      admin says:

      I almost always let the buyer make an offer first. Almost all of the buyers don’t see my site, so they don’t know my asking price.

  5. 5
    ReachConnection says:

    Eric, you mentioned that the buyers didn’t look at so were the prices offered above what you were expecting? If so can you care to mention the margin or the difference between what you were expecting and got?

    Also, I like to know the sort of domain purchase strategy that you use.

    • 5.1
      admin says:

      No, I don’t think I have ever had anybody offer higher than my asking price. But, it can’t hurt to keep trying. Most offers are in the range of $100 – $500, which is usually only 10%-20% of my asking price. For buying domains, I usually buy them at auctions. When I deal with a private seller, I usually make a very low offer, since I am not looking to buy domains unless they are very cheap deals.

  6. 6
    Peter says:

    I woulda given you $1K for oh wellz

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