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Domain Names I Sold – 2012

It is now halfway through the year, so I figured it would be a good time to post a list of domains that I sold so far in 2012: – $6250 – $2500 – $4950 – $6250 – $200 – $1,000 – $2,000 – $400 – $250 – $2500 – $200 – $375 – $10,000 – $1500 – $3,000 – $8,000 – $12,500 – $1200 – $600 – $1500 – $800 – $600 – $2000 – $31,000 – $1500 – $1000 – $2000 – $1500 – $3,000 – $300 – $5000 – $2000 – $7,500 – $400 – $550 – $7,500 – $500 – $1000 – $1500 and – $2000 – $300 – $12,000 – $6000 – $60,000 – $800 – $500 – $500 – $8000 – $1000 – $800

31 Responses to “Domain Names I Sold – 2012”

  1. 1
    jan says:

    Would you provide us some proof that you really sold these domains…

    • 1.1
      admin says:

      My sales at and are reported publically, plus some of my other sales have been reported at, and my sale of 4000 domains was reported at . As for the other sales, you could lookup the historical whois to verify I owned them and see they sold, but there is no way to see what they sold for. I have no reason to lie though. I am not a broker and am not interested at all in selling domains for other people.

      So far this year I also had around $30,000 in private sales the various buyers did not want me to report.

  2. 2
    Aggro says:

    Appreciate it for keeping it real

    It just emphasizes that – strip away the few large sales eg, etc – and domaining for most will only be a midly lucrative hobby, at best

    And you’ve been doing it for longer than most so have acquired better quality domains than most of the clueless Johnnie-cum-latelies

    Were they all from direct WHOIS contact?

    PS I’m sure we’ll see the likes of Bhanot & other clueless ones come around – like a Justin Blieber groupie – asking your sales & negotiating strategy

    • 2.1
      admin says:

      Yes, people also need to keep in mind that I spend over $3500/month on domain renewals so all the small sales just pay for that expense.
      Yes, most of the sales were from people who looked me up using whois. I also have a for sale link on all of my minisites.

  3. 3
    Anjum Aziz says:

    Nice sales,congrats!

  4. 4
    Aussie Domainer says:

    Wow.. that’s an impressive amount of sales. What outlet are you using to sell your domains? Are reaching out to end users for alot of them or are people coming to you?

    • 4.1
      admin says:

      Most of the the sales were from buyer’s who contacted me directly either from seeing the for sale link on the site or by looking up the whois info. I do nothing to market my domains, other than I have them listed with a few brokers and and

  5. 5
    Christopher says:

    Congratulations — super sales!

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your motivational sales posts.

    Hunting Moon sold your premier porn portfolio.

    Where did you sell these domains, did the buyers approach you?

    Did you previously park these domains?

    Continued Success!

    • 5.1
      admin says:

      Most of the the sales were from buyer’s approaching me. 2 were from, a few from, and a few from other brokers.
      I have minisites on around 75% of my domains and the rest are parked. None were generating any significant income.

  6. 6
    Richard says:

    Looks like fair prices for all, thanks for posting.

  7. 7
    Tom says:

    From your experience I would have assumed you would have asked more for, and

    Selling each for mid $xxx seems kind of low, when you do not have high pressure to sell for financial reasons.

    • 7.1
      admin says:

      I asked for more, those were the final prices after negotiations. Both were for more than their appraised estibot values, and I had never had any offers before on them, so I decided to take what I could get.

  8. 8
    Tom S says:

    Nice sales-thanks for posting your sales (names&prices)and for sharing info on where your contacts came from.

  9. 9
    Dot Com Realtor says:

    Congrats Eric… Hope to have the same luck :-)

  10. 10
    Mark says:

    Eric: First, congratulations on your well run venture. You seem to be the real deal. My question is your reference to estibot. Do you really put much value on their appraisals? I wish I just had a portion of what they say some domains are worth.

    In any event….best to you Eric!!!!

    • 10.1
      admin says:

      Some estibot appraisals for ultra premium domains are way too high, but for the typical domains I sell to end users which are $500 – $5000 I many times find estibot undervalues them, because the end user is not paying based on the CPC rate or SEO benefits of the domain, which is mainly what estibot uses to calculate the value.

  11. 11
    jayjay says:

    Some great sales there! I’m lucky to have sold about 1/20 to that list, probably because sale in China have been booming lately. ;)

  12. 12
    rob sequin says:

    Well done. You are a great contribution to the domain industry.

    Do you think the minisites gave the appearance of use and therefore a higher sales price?

    Or, is it always just a crap shoot purely based on the motivation of the buyer?

    • 12.1
      admin says:

      I have not found my minisite domains sell for any higher than my parked domains, but that could partially be because my minisites look awful and people can tell they are not “real” sites. Plus, they have a “site for sale” link on them which makes it obvious it is not a real site. I hardly ever get offers on my 300+ real sites though because people assume because the domains are being used they are not for sale.

      Sometimes the buyer will ask me if the domain has any traffic or income, and since none of my minisites and have any significant traffic or income, it does not really help for negotiations that they are developed sites. It would only matter if I were making money from them.

  13. 13
    Chris says:

    Not sure if it submitted before:

    On your other domain sales post, you mentioned selling at $50k and $85k. Perhaps this is an interesting story worth of its own blog post? Such as selling it to one person, buying it back, and selling it even higher to another person?

    • 13.1
      admin says:

      The $85,000 deal for was financed over 2-3 years (I don’t remember the exact terms), and they only made the first payment (I think around $10,000), so I ended up taking the domain back and then selling it for $50,000 to a different buyer.

      Unrelated to all of that, while I still owned the domain, for some reason in 2008 sold at one of the live auctions for $27,500. The odd thing is I did not put it up for auction with them, although they are my main domain registrar and they sometimes sold domains for me. I saw the sale publicized and contacted Moniker and they reversed the sale. They never told me the details of what happened for them to think it was included in their auction.

  14. 14
    Mac says:

    A lot of the big players are on and their sales have seemed to grow this last year.
    Have you considered this option. I wonder if you had a take on the positives and negatives

    • 14.1
      admin says:

      Yes, I talked with them and they seem like a great option, but right now the only domains I am parking are the ones that for one reason or another I could not develop minisites on, so they are basically my worst domains, so they don’t get enough traffic for to be interested. If I parked all my domains with them they would do it, but for now I want to keep experimenting with minisites on as many of my domains as I can.

  15. 15
    Wayne says:

    As an aspiring domain investor and site developer, this “full-disclosure” share is very inspiring. Thank you for your authenticity and telling it like it is.

    What are the primary methods and/or strategies you employ to attract domain buyers? I understand some buyers arrive from the WHOIS and others find you through your mini-sites, but do you have a particular plan or system you implement when you decide to sell a domain?

    Lastly, on the domains you choose to develop, do you have an in-house dev team or do you outsource the work?

    Thank you again…


    • 15.1
      admin says:

      No, I do not have any particular method of plan when selling domains. Buyers just find me. All my domains are for sale, I don’t try to market any of them in particular. For domains that I develop, I have a full-time server/admin programmer who works for me plus another person who works for me full time that helps me runs some of the sites and also does development. I also outsource work too, like for example right now I am having somebody do some CSS/graphics work for my sites because many of them are old and were created before mobile phones and CSS files, so I am trying to update them to work better and load faster for all website visitors.

  16. 16
    Dean Collins says:

    A few of the domains sold above still seemed to be “parked” or with default “mini-sites”.

    What percentage of the domains you’ve listed above have been sold to other domainers hoping to “ponzi” an even higher sale in a few years versus someone putting something worthwhile on it?

    • 16.1
      admin says:

      I think very few of my buyers hope to resell the domain. Many of them just take a long time to launch their site, or sometimes never launch it because their plans change.

  17. 17
    Quoc says:

    Congrats on the sales, especially on that 4000 domains in one shot. :)

  18. 18
    David Brake says:

    Thanks for the info, actual sales numbers & details of actual sales are always invaluable information. FYI, we are now auctioning small exclusive .com collections only sold in groups on DomainSellerz.

    All the best,
    David Brake

  19. 19
    Sergio says:

    Congrats, great sales and nice comments. We would like to cooperate with you, as we have a well organized forecastin system: have a look to our

  20. 20
    Michael says:

    Wow, You are inspiring! Keep up the good work!

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