Domains Sold – 2013

By | April 4, 2013

The following is a list of domain names I have sold in the past 9 months: – $7500 – $2000 – $5000 – $2000 – $900
STORESTUFF.COM – $2000 – $2500 – $1000 – $1000 – $6000 – $1250,,,, – $2500 total – $1500 – $2000 – $1500 + buyer gave me the domain in trade – $1000 – $2500 – $3250 – $200 – $5000,,,,,, – $4500 total – $7500 – $5000 – $2250 – $6250 – $1100 – $1400 – $17000 – $2250 – $5000 – $5000 – $4000 – $12500 – $2000 – $5000 – $100 – $2700 – $22000 – $7585 – $3000 – $11000 – 9000 – $450 – $700 – $1500 – $4500 – $1500

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24 thoughts on “Domains Sold – 2013

  1. TJ

    Thanks for sharing ! Two questions about them:

    1) are you happy with these sales / have a good outlook, or is it lower than expected ?
    2) how did most of these buyers find you: directly by the domain’s landing page, your site that lists all your domain inventory, or third-party marketplaces ?

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      I am happy with the prices I am getting. Hardly any are for a higher price than I expec, but they are still decent prices. I am getting just as many offers this year as in previous years.

      Almost all the sales are from buyers contacting me directly by going to the domain or looking up who owns it. Only 2 or 3 were from domain marketplaces ( and, and one was from an individual broker.

  2. Dean

    I have followed your “sales” reports for a while, you seem adept at pricing in that sweet spot range that keeps inventory turning. No blockbusters, but some nice mid-range sales that add up to a tidy sum. Nice work.

  3. Jamie Zoch

    Eric, thanks for sharing as always! Would be interested to hear the “play-byplay” of some of these sales… for an example: for $22K.

    Did you have the domain listed with Afternic/Sedo, did an offer come in from the Email Us link on the landing page.. was the first offer $x, you countered with $x. You researched the buyer? If so, what steps you took. Time frame from first contact to cash in hand etc.

    Sadly in the domain industry, these stories are never shared and I think others could learn a lot from these types of stories.

    If you don’t mind sharing the details, I’d be interested in hearing it.

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      Almost all the sales are from buyers contacting me directly by going to the domain (they are all parked at, so their is a sales inquiry form for them to fill out) or looking up who owns it. Only 2 or 3 were from domain marketplaces ( and, and one was from an individual broker. was the one domain through a private broker. I have been dealing with him for years and he has sold one or two small domains for me, but mostly brought me a bunch of low offers. The offer for I thought was good so I took it. I had quoted a price of $30,000 for it to the broker, so some negotiation was involved.

      No, I don’t generally research the buyer.

  4. Leon

    Eric, congratulations on the sales and many thanks for sharing. It’s very encouraging.
    I have but two questions if I may ask them.

    1) Where did you acquire these domains? (ie Expiring, private transactions)

    2) How many domains do you currently hold approx?

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      I registered 99% of these domains in the 1990s and early 2000s.
      I have around 5000 domains, 4600 of which are parked and the the rest are used for real sites.

  5. Luke Summers

    Thanks for sharing Eric, much appreciated

  6. Francois


    I am curious about how many percent of your portfolio you succeed to sale in average (number names, names sold, %) without count this exceptional year where you sold a large portfolio.

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      I usually sell around 100 domains a year out of a total of 4600 domains, so around 2% a year.

  7. Raymond

    Total income of nearly $200,000 or exact $195,385 for 9 months. Very good result for individual domainer. Well done.

  8. jimmy

    It’s pretty freaking amazing actually… very impressive! Waiting 10 years to sell… you must know how to pick em.

  9. AbdulBasit Makrani

    Congrats Eric! These are some nice sales. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Dean

    I think one other important observation about your sales and portfolio is that it disproves what 95% of the other domain bloggers preach and would like you to believe. Namely that “hand registering” is for amateurs or idiots. Sure there is a maturation period of 5-10 years, but no doubt someone out there is registering names that will be worth the equivalent of some of your sales and possibly more in the future. Anyways, it’s inspiring to read your story and sales statistics, thanks for sharing.

  11. rob sequin


    Thanks for showing us the list with prices.

    Very eclectic list with a variety of prices.

    Have you always had a “shotgun” approach or a “rifle” approaching to picking names?

    In other words, do you try to acquire random keywords or do you ever focus on one niche or keyword?

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      Many of the domains I bought were in big industries like travel, loans, cars, etc. but I did not focus on anything in particular.

  12. Leonard Britt

    Thanks for sharing – key observation is that most of these sales are short .COMs or one-word .Net.

  13. Raymond

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

    Just curious to find out, when you first bought those names in 1990s, did you buy those keywords based on “monthly exact match Google adword search keywords ” or you just bought those keywords based on your instinct gut feeling?

    Let say, did you rely on Google adwords exact keyword search to make purchase decision? or just based on instinct gut feeling?

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      No, I did not use any tools like exact match searches. I don’t think they even had those tools back when I bought most of my domains. I just used my gut feeling, plus sometimes I would Google the keyword to see how many results it had.

  14. JP

    Hi Eric,

    For the average name you sell from the list above (not the more special ones like do you rely more on negotiation for the final price or your minimum offer setting at DNS?

    1. Eric Borgos Post author

      I have all my domains set with a $1000 minimum at DNS. It is just a default setting I use. It does not mean anything. It just helps weed out low offers. I negotiate on all the domains.

  15. Rob Docherty

    Awesome Eric! How are you doing man? Let’s connect soon.

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