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Sometimes Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

For many years I have had most of my 10,000 domain names “parked”, which means they basically just have ads and search engine type links on them. I would always get a few offers a month on these domains from people who looked up that I was the owner and then contacted me to make an offer. Many domain owners who have parked pages also have a “domain for sale” type link at the bottom of the pages, to help bring in more buyers. I never did that because I did not think it would help much, plus the domain parking company I used did not offer that.

I recently switched many of my domains to a different parking company, and they happened to have a “domain for sale” option, so I gave it a try. I can not believe the results. I am getting 4-5 times as many domain offers as I used to. Many of these are very low offers, but several have resulted in sales, because they are for domains that I don’t care about so I sell them for whatever price I can get.

My point is that that sometimes little things can make a big difference when it comes to making money.

5 Responses to “Sometimes Little Things Can Make A Big Difference”

  1. 1
    andrew says:

    I’m curious which program you’re using now, to compare the size of the “for sale” message they place at the top of the page.

    • 1.1
      admin says:

      The parking program I am currently trying is TrafficZ. I switched around 7000 of my domains to them, which were all domains that made almost no money for me (maybe $100/month total). They are now making around $1000/month on TrafficZ, so I am happy with that. An example of one of these domains, so you can see what it looks like, is

  2. 2
    Chris says:

    Well I must say the same. Traffic Z is a good One. I too switched about 1000 domains to them and they have paid off. The content is relative to the success of a domain.

    I am not sure about the sales of the domains. This is because the link has never really made a difference for me. I can say “I get offers”. I just never sell anything that is good unless the offer is good enough to make a difference to me.

    I prefer to develop them all into revenue streams. Equation a little cash from a lot = a lot of cash.

    I recommend to keep adding a little to your sites each day that helps the website customer and watch it grow.

    Eventually you will have good income and good life. Well maybe a good life all depends on the individual perspective.

    Well of course that is, if you care about your customers experience and you market to that customer for the purpose of helping them get what they are looking for it all pays in the end.

    Trafficz seems to provide relative content and makes a good place to hold domains until they are further developed.

  3. 3
    tarek says:

    Hello eric, this is the migraines guy, Not sure if you remember I spoke to you about a month ago, maybe two. Just want to say I like the site, I was wondering if after developing the site you noticed a big change in revenue and repeat visitors ?
    Not sure if you have it but you should have your logo link html and ask people to link to you,..I think alot of people would. Take care and hope alls good with you.


    • 3.1
      admin says:

      No, the crazy thing is that I have spent many months adding a huge amount of content and features to, but traffic, revenue, and repeat traffic has not gone up much. But, it sometimes takes a long time for the search engines to give new content good rankings, so hopefully all the new stuff I added will eventually bring traffic. I am also doing some SEO work on this month, so that should help.

      Yes, you are right, I should add a section on for people to link to I used to have that on, but never got around to adding it to, but I will add it to my list of changes now.

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